Gertrude Mouillot album

This fascinating set of photographs has been scanned from an album owned by Gertrude Mouillot, proprietor of the Palace theatre from 1920 to 1942, and kindly loaned to us by one of her second cousins, Anthony Edwards. Unfortunately, it is not known when these photographs were taken, or who they depict - except that Gertrude can be identified from photographs that appear in her biography and presumably many are of her husband Frederick. They were both actors, hence, presumably, the costumes. Some of the photos appear to be professionally posed studio portraits, while others depict apparently light-hearted poses, with some seemingly taken while larking about in their garden! Hopefully, in due course, more information will come to light. In the meantime, they are certainly a wonderful collection, and we are very grateful to Anthony for allowing us to display them.
Please note: Clicking on these 'thumbnails' will reveal the complete photograph. You can go to the next, or the previous, photograph by clicking on the arrows at the foot of each photograph.

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